garden compost materials natural


Compost is an amazing tool, which helps both your garden, and the environment. And the raw materials which typically go into the garden compost pile originate in organic waste. When you are making your own compost, you get to control what goes in it. Thus, you also get to control the balance of ingredients.

There should be both green and brown ingredients in your compost pile. The more varied your compost pile, the richer the final product will be, and the greater your garden will benefit from it. Among the natural compost sources most people did not think about we could mention here dry cat or dog food, old wine, coffee grounds, coffee filters, tea leaves, tea bags, bed beddings from herbivore pets such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, dust from vacuuming and sweeping, old spices and herbs, and so on.

But the list can go on with even more items, such as saw dust, wood chips, used sheets and clothes made from natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, silk or wool, cotton balls and paper towels, etc. Human or animal hair can also make good ingredients for your compost, as well as dry pasta. Cardboards, egg cartons and toilet rolls may also be part of your compost pile.