potted plants organic potting soil


Fertilizers for plants are not only an asset for gardeners and florists, but are available to anyone. You can stimulate the growth and development of your potted plants, if you use these natural ingredients and organic fertilizers and you dose them correctly.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are widely used for their high content of nitrogen, phosphorus, minerals and potassium. Indoor potted flowers tolerate coffee grounds application once every 6 months; outdoor plants can be fertilized once every 4 months.


Yeast is a wonderful stimulant of potted plant growth, giving them a lot of nutrients, including phytohormones. The activity of microorganisms can be increased by watering the soil with yeast extract. It also intensifies the release of carbon dioxide, with a rapid mineralization of organic matter, with the release of phosphorus and nitrogen. An infusion of 1% yeast added to the soil can bring a lot of benefits to your potted plants.

Organic fertilizer

However convenient it is to use ingredients you may have in the house, nothing beats specially-formulated organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers and organic potting soil provide everything your potted plants may need to thrive, without risking to burn or harm them in any way. For best results, you should dose your fertilizer exactly as stated in the instructions on the label, because the recommended dose can differ from product to product.