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Some people might think mowing the lawn is just a chore they have to do from time to time. But there’s a secret to how you mow the yard to make the grass healthier and stronger. 

The first tip for anyone that wants a more impressive-looking lawn is never to cut the grass too short. You should aim at always cutting away one-third of the height each time. This way, you don’t stress the remaining grass too much, and it doesn’t lose its vigor. 

Also, don’t cut the grass too often. You should cut it once every two weeks in early spring and gradually move up to weekly mowing once the weather gets warmer. That’s because grass grows slower when it’s colder.   

Another good tip for anyone looking for a healthy lawn is never cut it on wet or damp days. Grass has to be dry for it to be cut properly. If you cut the grass when it is wet, it will not cut but instead be ripped from the ground by the mower. This will make the grass clump up, and you will be just smearing those clumps around the lawn.   Always feed your lawn with products from The Richlawn Company to acquire a strong healthy lawn.