Long Term Winter Fertilizer Benefits

Organic gardening has become an increasingly popular practice among people who are willing to put a little more effort into a portion of health on their food plate.

What is organic gardening?

Organic gardening refers to growing fruits and vegetables in a healthy garden soil, unaffected by insecticides, pesticides and other chemicals. A simple way to determine if the soil is good for organic gardening is to analyze the creatures that live inside it. Look for earthworms and centipedes swarming through the ground, beetles walking above the ground, frogs hopping after the rain etc., as they are all indicators of a soil with a balanced structure, where crops can develop absolutely naturally.

Of course, the organic method involves an extra effort in eliminating pests, and the use of manual tools such as trowels, shovels, scissors etc., which may not be as time efficient as automated machines. However, the idea of putting healthy vegetables and fruits on the table cancels out the extra effort and resources.

In addition, keeping your garden chemical-free has long term benefits.

Chemical fertilizers are effective only in the short term, regardless of their type. Instead,  an excellent organic winter fertilizer has a long-term effect in maintaining plant health. They do not contain toxic substances that may affect the environment, unlike chemical fertilizers, which heavily pollute soil and water.