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While it’s typically easy to remember what you have to do during most times of the year to keep your lawn healthy – such as fertilize, mow your lawn or water it on a regular basis – winter is somewhat of an exception to all those rules. Because grass tends to stop growing due to the cold, and because there are elements and stressors that can lead to a lot of damage, it’s very important to consider special measures for winter lawncare and provide it great lawn food, in order to keep your lawn healthy all the way until spring arrives.


The first thing you need to think about is mowing and fertilizing your lawn before winter. The rule of thumb is to mow it down to about 2 and a half inches – which might be the shortest you’ve gotten it to be all year long. Just be careful, as cutting it too short can impair the grass blades’ ability to use photosynthesis and get enough nutrients. As for fertilizing your lawn, get some quality, slow-release, organic winter fertilizer. Also, avoid using regular fertilizer early before spring, as it might not be the best idea to provide your grass with nutrients before the dormant cycle is broken.


Finally, when it comes to watering your lawn, it’s usually recommended that you either stop entirely or slow down the process significantly. If your area is uncommonly dry, it is advisable only water it once every few weeks or right before a period of intense freezing temperatures.