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In case you want to have a nice, long-lasting lawn in Colorado, it is very important to consider a few basic facts. For example, you should first decide on the exact quality you expect from your lawn, as well as on the time and money you intend on investing in taking care of your lawn.  Using products from The Richlawn Company is easy and affordable and will give you the desired results.


The grass species, health and soil conditions can usually help you determine the irrigation methods. Having your soil tested is another useful tip to apply for your lawn. You can re-balance your soil before the actual planting. In order to have a high-quality lawn, it is very important to choose good-quality seeds.


Lawn care requirements may be influenced by a variety of factors. These requirements may depend on the quality of the grass you are planting. Thus, a top-quality bluegrass or ryegrass may require about 2.30 inches of water every week, under the summer conditions which are typical for this part of the USA. When the weather is cooler or cloudier, the required amount of water is usually smaller.


When you water your lawn it is very important to apply as much water as it is needed to moisten the root area. At the same time, you should avoid watering too deeply on sandy soils.