Lawn care tips waht you need to know

Many home owners tend to forget about their lawn during the winter months. However, if you want to have a lush green lawn during spring and summer, you should care for it all year round.

Here are some basic Organic lawn care tips for February:

1. Try to Limit Traffic over the Lawn
In February, your lawn is in the process of growing. Thus, you should reduce traffic as much as possible. Ask your kids to avoid running over the lawn. Do not drive your car or heavy barrows over it. If traffic cannot be avoided, try to spread it evenly across the entire surface. Otherwise, you will end up with an unattractive footpath.

2. Mow the Lawn
Mowing the lawn in February will stimulate the grass to grow strong and green during spring and summer. For this purpose, set the mower at the maximum position. However, you should take care and avoid cutting the grass too close to the ground.

3. Clean After Your Pets
Ideally, your dog or cat should not use the lawn as a personal litter. However, in real life you cannot keep on eye on your pets at all times and stop them from answering the call of nature on the lawn. What you can do is clean after them as soon as possible, and try to prevent your pets from using the same spot over and over again.