lawn care best lawn fertilizer to useThere are organic fertilizers you might not have heard of, although you can prepare them easily, at home. Here are some examples:

Comfrey tea

Comfrey is very rich in potassium and other substances necessary for plants (calcium, iron, nitrogen, magnesium) and can be used as a fertilizer in many ways (mulch, compost, solutions, etc.).

Recipe: collect plants, put them in a pot (a bucket) and add water to cover them. Cover the pot, leave it like this for 4-5 weeks, until the plants rot. Strain the solution and dilute 1/3 cup in 4 liters of water. Use it to sprinkle the leaves or pour it around the plants.

Nettle juice

Nettles are also rich in nutrients (calcium, iron, copper, nitrogen, phosphorus). The preparation of this fertilizing solution is identical to that of Comfrey tea, but before being used, the resulting liquid must be diluted as follows: 1 part nettle juice to 10 parts water.

Algae tea

If you live close to the sea, you can also benefit from the properties of algae, but keep in mind that before putting them in the soil or in compost, they must be washed, in order to remove salt.

Recipe: gather enough algae to fill half a bucket, wash them and add water to cover them. Let the liquid sit for about 3 months. Before using it, take half a cup and dilute it in 10 liters of water. If it is not diluted enough, it may burn the plants. Sprinkle the leaves with this solution or moisten the soil.

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