Green lawn products rich lawnFertilizing your lawn is a serious business, whether you’re just starting to plant a new lawn, or you want to fertilize your existing lawn at the best time of the year. As many gardeners will tell you, the best time for it will be sometime in the early spring, as soon as temperatures reach a comfortable 55 degrees. However, depending on where you live and what your approach to caring for your lawn is, June and July can still be a good month for fertilizing, if you use the best fertilizer for grass available in your area.


When you’re just planting your new lawn in the spring, it’s usually best to approach your fertilizing goals in two stages. First, start by using a starter fertilizer that’s not meant to prevent the growth of crabgrass sometime in the early spring. Next, you have to proceed to use weed and feed fertilizers that can prevent weeds from growing and feed your lawn better instead. This process should be done sometime between April and June.


Now, if you live in the North, chances are that the right temperatures for each type of fertilizing will be delayed. Spring is a little colder and April still won’t be good enough to start with stage two. As a result, you can definitely take up that stage during the month of June and July, in order to obtain the best possible results.