Lawn And Garden Natural Fertilizer Winter Preparation

The end of the autumn is the right time for cleaning the garden. After all the fruits have been harvested and you are preparing for the winter season, it is necessary to make sure that your garden is also ready to meet the cold season.

You need to start by removing all dried plants and those that have been affected by pests or disease. Whether we are talking about vegetables or flowers, plants that are no longer healthy should be eliminated, to make sure that the rest of the vegetation will not be affected.

Of course, you should also remove weeds. They must be completely pulled out with roots, otherwise they will continue to grow in the soil. Some weeds are so resistant that not even the frost will be able to destroy them, so you might need to use special substances.

Soil preparation for next year is also an important operation to be performed before the winter. Depending on the results you want to achieve, you must pay special attention to the soil. Once you have got rid of weeds and debris, the soil needs all the conditions to restore its natural fertilizer nutrient supply. First you must aerate it, which ensures proper oxygenation and a better water retention, and then you must  fertilize rit, to have the nutrients it needs during the winter.