Richlawn Winterizer

As the saying goes “Fall is for planting,” that is a true statement not only for trees, shrubs, perennials etc. It is also a great time to plant grass seed. Whether you need to patch a few bare spots, thicken up your existing turf or start a brand-new lawn, September – mid October is an ideal time to perform this task. There is enough daylight remaining, and the soil temperature is still warm enough to get quick germination of the seed. Richlawn EZ Green grass seed, and Richlawn Pro-Turf seed were both blended for the unique soil and climate conditions in Colorado and the surrounding areas.

If you’re planning to aerate an existing lawn, applying Richlawn grass seed followed by an application of Richlawn organic lawn fertilizer or Pro-Rich Winterizer will go a long way to ensuring a strong and healthy lawn this fall and winter and will get your grass off to a good start in the spring.

Be sure to read the instructions on the bag or care sheet about watering and mowing etc.