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Buying sod instead of planting seeds is a good approach if you don’t really have the time to take proper care of your grass from start to finish, but you still want a good quality lawn that your visitors and neighbors will admire. The main issue here is whether or not the sod you’d buy would be up to the task of competing with healthy grass that grows from seeds. And there are several important issues to consider.


First of all, even though the sod you might buy is grown in the same area, it is used to better soil. So setting it up on a batch of bad soil in your yard could hinder its growth. In contrast, when you plant the grass for your lawn, you have to adjust the soil’s pH and water permeability in advance, otherwise the grass won’t grow. So the grass that will grow in your soil can be regarded as the ‘real deal.’


Integrating good quality sod with your yard can still work well as long as you tend to it properly. Watering, natural fertilizer and mowing has to be done at the right time, and it’s also a good idea to consider the impact of snow and freeze on your sod, once the cold winter months set in.