top dressing newly seeded lawns

Laying down a layer of sod can actually spruce up your lawn a great deal when you don’t want to deal with the gardening aspect early on. The problem in Colorado is that, because of the dry weather and clay-like soil, you will find it challenging to grow a healthy lawn before the end of spring. As such, many homeowners prefer the use of sod as opposed to seeding their lawns from scratch.


Seeding definitely has its benefits. You get to choose the type of lawn to plant, sow the seeds, aerate, fertilize and water it, and satisfyingly watch it grow throughout the spring. However, this process in and of itself is rarely as simple as that. Aeration helps, but the soil can still retain a lot of water, which is bad for your grass roots. Also, it’s not always easy to figure out just how much water and fertilizer to use, or even what type of fertilizer you should buy in the first place.  Find out where to buy top dressing for lawns and apply it when seeding.

For people who don’t want to deal with all that, sod exists to make life a lot easier. The use of this type of turf can be very convenient, as it is grown on specialist farms and will typically resist the weather in Colorado quite well. Moreover, should your sod be damaged or dry out, you can always replace it without having to seed new grass and wait for it to grow.