Yes Organic Lawn Fertilizer Is Best

Organic fertilizers are the preferred choice of many gardeners, due to their many advantages. For instance, a green, lush lawn can increase your home’s value. But is it equally efficient for gardens and lawns?

Organic fertilizers are natural and can be successfully used to provide food for your veggie plants, while also helping your soil get better and more productive. They are good both for your grass and for the garden, but perhaps the exact types of organic fertilizers may be a little different.

Compost is one of the most commonly-encountered products. It is made from decomposed leaves and organic matter. Manure is another classic organic fertilizer, with great effects on any kind of plants. Worm casting, bone meal and blood meal are some other ingredients that organic fertilizers may have. So are fish emulsion, seaweed and kelp.

Among the many other benefits of an organic lawn fertilizer, we could mention the fact that they can increase the quality of the plants. Another amazing thing about organic fertilizers is that they do not over feed your plants. Such products are also much safer for human and pets, so this is another great plus, regardless if you use it for your garden or for your lawn.