Lawn Company Organic Mulch

Mulch is a layer of material (organic or inorganic) that covers a portion of the soil and protects it against sun, erosion or drying.

Why is mulching the soil necessary? The main reason is to protect and improve its properties. Soil mulching is an effective way to create a healthy plant environment. It keeps the soil aerated and humid, by favoring the formation of dew and reducing evaporation, which decreases the frequency of watering.

Mulch supports the vital activity in the soil, because it creates favorable conditions for the existence of living organisms. It is also effective against weed growth against weeds.

Not all mulch is created equally. The distinction organic – inorganic brings significant differences.

Organic mulch is made from leaves, grass, sawdust, pine needles, etc. Inorganic mulch can be made from gravel, roofing materials, polyethylene, as well as other synthetic materials. Organic mulch decomposes gradually and, in time, it must be replaced. This may be to its disadvantage, but, on the other hand, the process of decomposing is useful, transforming it into a source of nutrition for the living organisms in the soil. Inorganic mulch is a long-term or even permanent solution, but it can be more expensive and difficult to handle.  Get the best organic mulch here