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Before planting your lawn anew, you might have to do some research on how to do it best. Although it seems straightforward, lawn care can be pretty engaging and challenging, and it can present you with unexpected concerns, especially when it comes to the use of properly selected lawn fertilizing products:


  • Cheap lawn fertilizer doesn’t last. In most cases, when you buy cheap lawn fertilizer, it will release the nutrients too quickly, and your lawn will fail to grow properly. In fact, the nutrients will probably be washed away in the next storm. If you want better quality, you’ll usually have to spend close to around the average price of lawn fertilizer.
  • Lawn care is actually a very precise and traditionally acclaimed practice. The first lawn care book was published as early as 1870.
  • You might have to use more fertilizer for your lawn than you thought would be needed. The average lawn has about six plants per square inch, which usually translates in more than 3,000 blades of grass for the entire lawn.
  • The average lawn actually absorbs water about six times more than a regular wheat field. This means that, not only will you have to water your lawn regularly, but you also have to take great care to use the right fertilizer from companies like The Richlawn Company, so that the excess water won’t wash it away.