Organic fertilizers for the lawn contain exclusively bio ingredients to provide the grass with essential nutrients. The best products of this type should contain only natural sources of nitrogen (the nutrient necessary for the healthy growth of green grass). Organic fertilizers help people to grow green and lush lawns, as they improve the quality of the soil and strengthen the roots of the grass.

Many of the best selling slow release fertilizer contain plant-based nutrients, without animal products. This type of natural feed for the lawn means that the grass will safe for people and pets. Also, the exclusive use of natural fertilizers for the lawn produces less pollution and creates a sustainable organic environment.

The main benefit of using organic fertilizers for the lawn is that they add the necessary microorganisms and substances to the soil, and none of these are harsh chemicals! They increase the fertility of the soil, improve its structure and slowly release nutrients.

Organic fertilizers are really the best “food” for lawns, to improve their health, as well as the quality of the soil. A soil that is rich in organic matter encourages the apparition of organisms that balance it naturally and make it able to provide the best environment for the development of robust lawn root systems. The result is a lush grass, resistant to weeds, diseases, and pests

You will also find that a lawn that feeds on natural products is easier to maintain. For example, herbal fertilizers do not overstimulate plant growth. Grass grows at a natural rate and the lawn will have to be mowed less often.