Lawn Care Tips For Rich Lawn Look

Brown spots can appear on your grass when you least expect it. If you read about it or ask a professional gardener, they will tell you that these brown spots can be very harmful for your lawn. In some cases, homeowners have had to replant their entire lawn after it was affected by brown spots and later infested by various pests that were attracted by the higher concentration of nitrogen.


Dog urine is among the main causes of brown spots on your lawn, and it can be quite a problem, if left unchecked. Dogs tend to do their business outside, and if you don’t supervise them, they might decide to “mark their territory” on your lawn, and not just near a tree or fence post.


To keep your dog from ruining your grass, you have to keep track of him whenever he goes out to pee. The alternative is to train him to avoid your lawn or to set up some sort of barrier beyond which he won’t go. Electronic fencing solutions are a good choice in that regard. These fences generate an electromagnetic or ultrasonic signal that your pet will avoid. As a result, each time he goes out to pee, he will rather prefer a nearby bush or tree, to the green lawn.  To nuture your lawn apply organic products from