A healthy and lush lawn is an essential element of your yard. Unfortunately, sometimes problems arise that affect its health and appearance. Fortunately, many of these problems are easy to fix with the right products and tips.

Uneven grass growth, in the shade

Many types of grass seeds do not like shaded areas. If you have uneven growth in the shade, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your trees are properly and regularly trimmed
  • Use a shade-tolerant type of grass

Burnt grass

Burnt grass has several possible causes: improper irrigation, diseases of the lawn, or the choice of a type of grass unsuitable for the local climate. Identify the origin of the problem and make the changes that must be done to restore your lawn.


Weeds seem to love lawns and they will take control of it faster when your grass is weak and not well-cared for. To get rid of those weeds, practice healthy lawn habits: regularly mow the lawn to the right height, fertilize the soil with organic fertilizers and, of course, remove the grown weeds.

Brown spots in the grass

Cat and dog urine contains harmful amounts of nitrogen, which can cause the appearance of those unsightly brown spots in the grass. The solution is to train your pet to stop urinating anywhere, or to take measures when this happens, which means irrigating the area abundantly, reducing the concentration of nitrogen, and of course, putting to use the best fertilizer for grass for re-growth.