Made in Colorado Ogranic Lawn Fertilizer


When it comes to organic farming, if some nutrients are accessible to plants due to good practices such as crop rotation, composting, green manure and others, microelements are harder to secure.

In Colorado`s dry weather, the periods when organic lawn fertilizer is applied must be determined according to different conditions:

  • As early as possible, during the plant growth season, to maximize nutrients intake and to minimize the risk of pollution
  • Avoid their application in the off-season periods (outside the phases of active vegetation), which may vary slightly, depending on local climatic conditions.

Given that natural foliar fertilizers can be used even under stressful conditions, such as dry weather and drought, they are highly recommended in Colorado`s weather. The minimum interval between applications is 7-10 days.

Even if the natural foliar fertilizers are harmless, the foliar analysis must still be performed before applying them, in order to know what the plant needs are. There are symptoms, in plants, that indicate the insufficiency of a certain element, but these are often confused with the symptoms of some diseases.

In general, it is recommended that foliar fertilizers be applied to the plants only as soon as they produce a few leaves, not earlier.