organic potting mix soil nourishing richlawnFertilizing your potted plants with organic fertilizer is nothing short of making your childhood dreams of becoming a chemist a reality.

That doesn’t mean you can start mixing fertilizers any way you want, dumping them onto your plants, and hoping for the best. Fertilizing potted plants requires great attention and careful measurements, especially when using organic fertilizer. For instance, you should never just eyeball the quantity of fertilizer you use. Using too much fertilizer can burn your plants’ roots. Too little, and it might not do the trick. 

Another essential thing to remember when using fertilizer on potted plants is to use the right kind of fertilizer. For instance, if you have plants that don’t require constant up-keeping, you can use a slow-release fertilizer. That means you just scatter the fertilizer over the top of the soil in the pot and leave it to be absorbed gradually. A slow-release fertilizer, just like the name says, will slowly fertilize your potted plant for a long time. If you are looking for a fast-acting solution, try a liquid fertilizer. The plant and soil quickly absorb liquid fertilizer.  Another added benefit is using a quality organic potting soil right from the start for the nourishment of your plants.