Lawncare Richlawn Fertiizer Organic Green Up Grass

As far as lawn fertilizing is concerned, there are certain specific things which can help you develop a healthy, strong and beautifully-looking lawn around your house. If you know how to use your lawn fertilizer responsibly, you can save money and time, increasing the curb appeal of your home and its resale value.


It is very easy to make mistakes while choosing your fertilizer. But another great mistake can actually happen before you even get to make your choice, when you forget to test your soil and see what is missing from it and preventing your lawn from looking nice.


Another mistake can be that of using an excessive amount of fertilizer. Especially in the case of sandy soils, applying too much fertilizer can have a really damaging effect, instead of helping the grass grow stronger and more appealing.


At the same time, you need to know exactly when to apply the fertilizer. For organic, slow release fertilizers, the typical application is that of two times per year.


Organic fertilizers from The Richlawn Company are friendlier to the environment. They usually contain meal-based nutrients, such as blood meal, feather meal, fish meal or bone meal. The most recommended application period is during the warmer months, namely from May on.