How To Use Garden Compost Fertilizers

Nothing compares to the wonderful plants grown in an organic garden. Everything from flowers to herbs and vegetables can be grown organically, in your home garden. The first step is to understand what the term “organic” refers to.

Organic, in the definition of gardening, means growing without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organic gardens are grown using exclusively natural fertilizers and natural insect deterrents, such as companion planting.

An organic garden is no harder to grow than one that relies on chemicals, although a little more advanced planning is required. For an organic garden to be successful, you must have a healthy soil for the plants to grow. To achieve this, you need to build the soil with nutrients – good quality garden compost and natural fertilizers.

Spend a year building the soil in the area you want to grow your organic garden. By constantly adding nutrients to the soil, when it is time to plant, you will ensure the best possible start for the seeds. Healthy plants are your first defense against disease and insect invasion.

Choose the plants for your garden wisely. Many organic gardeners choose legacy plants because the seeds can be saved and used from year to year. Others prefer hybrid seeds and plants grown for better disease and pest tolerance.