Starting A Little Herb GardenSmall spaces do not allow you to cultivate and care for large plants, but it is good to know that there are countless solutions even for a mini-garden. If your balcony or terrace is very small then you should make the most of every centimeter you have. The number of plants should be directly proportional to the space at your disposal. In other words, it is not advisable to have too many plants in the mini-garden because you slow down their growth and do not provide them the freedom they need to grow harmoniously.

If you are a beginner and you have no idea what you could cultivate in a small space, we advise you to start an herb garden. Aromatic herbs are not pretentious plants and you can use as decorations or you can use them in your food, be sure to use a slow release fertilizer that is organic in matter for your herbs.

Aromatic herbs are very easy to plant and maintain and do not need a lot of space. Basil, lavender, rosemary, thyme, mint or parsley can be planted in small pots, which you can put in the balcony, and then when the plants grow, you can move them to the kitchen.

Aromatic herbs do not need a lot of sun either, but they like warmth and water. Wet them more frequently but do not soak their earth with water.