EKO Raised Bed Garden MixYou might not always notice them, but herb gardens are literally everywhere. Whether you spot one near an official building or you see a beautiful garden with lots of diverse herbs in a person’s back yard, you might already have been entranced by them and decided to try planting your own.

Herb gardens can be exciting to plant, if you take all the right steps and precautions. One of the first you have to consider is to do some detailed research. Make sure you find out all you need to know about the type of weather, climate and soil that the herbs you want to plant need, as well as the right time to plant each of them. Some might require more heat and sunlight, while others are fine in a colder climate.

Learn about the correct use of compost, fertilizer, aeration and watering. Many herbs are extremely fragile and sensitive to environmental stressors. So, aside from making sure your compost and fertilizer is organic, you also need to pay special attention to any guidelines you might find regarding the required pH of your soil or the minimum or maximum number of times when you should water your new herb garden – if you want all of your plants to thrive and flourish.  Look for EKO products to help your garden thrive at https://therichlawncompany.com/products/eko-products/compost/.