fertilizer slow release for shrubs trees winter protection

Whether we like it or not, the cold season is quite close and we have to take the necessary measures to prevent it from affecting the plants, trees and shrubs in our yard. We all want to make sure that next spring will be fruitful, in every sense of the word. There are solutions that help you make sure that the winter will not be so harsh for your plants.

Trees and especially their flowers do not cope too well with very low temperatures. If some of them can withstand temperatures below 0 degrees, this happens only for a short period of time. The special measures we need to take will be implemented in the fall.

What should we do?

We cut the stems correctly, we apply treatments that delay the entry of the trees into the vegetation stage and we protect the stems, by covering them. During the winter, we gather the snow from the yard and put it around the trees, pounding it. It will melt progressively and if the weather suddenly warms up, the roots will not be affected as when the snow melts very quickly and the roots face significant temperature variations.

As for protecting the shrubs in your yard, it is generally sufficient to apply a layer of organic matter on the soil around them and a slow release fertilizer for winter months, such as straw, leaves, plant debris or sawdust.