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Most landowners have faced, at some point, the problem of dry spots on the lawn. There are many reasons why these spots appear, the most common being insect infestations and seasonal dryness.

  • Insect infestations

There are many insects that attack either the grass blades or the delicate roots under the ground. The worst criminals are caterpillars and worms. Look for irregular dry spots that grow each day, as well as for bitten grass, in the affected area.

If no pests are detected immediately, mix 1-2 drops of detergent in 3 liters of water and apply it evenly on the affected portion of the lawn. Once the pests appear, you are ready to eliminate them. Thin or remove dead grass then irrigate and fertilize the area. Ventilate the section and the surrounding lawn to help the roots growing. Sow the damaged area to encourage new and dense grass growth. Raise the level of your lawnmower, for a higher cut.

You should not opt for broad-spectrum pesticides because they will also destroy good insects.

  • Seasonal dryness

The best solution in this case is to start with a fertilizer application, in spring and summer, to ensure healthy growth from the beginning of the season. Ask professionals when to fertilize lawn in Colorado for best results.  Also, raise the level of the mower, when you use it. Higher mowing will allow the lawn to retain moisture for a longer time, which is beneficial for its fast growth.