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Preparing your plants for the summer may be one of the best things you can do in order to have a productive, healthy garden. And to do that, there are certain steps you can take. First, you can make a list with the priorities that you need to take care of. And, of course, you need to carefully inspect the exact state of affairs, and take the necessary measures against rodents, snow and ice damage, and so on. Cleaning should be on top of your list of activities while preparing your plants for the hot season.

Broken fences and other damaged hardscaping elements should be fixed also. Another important detail is to remember to prepare the tools which you are about to use for your garden. Wheelbarrow tires should be filled with air, and your lawnmower’s blades ought to be sharpened.

Another good way to prepare for summer is by pruning at least a part of your shrubs. Some of these shrubs should be pruned only after they have finished flowering, such as lilac, azalea or forsythia.

Cleaning out your garden beds is equally important and applying a good compost for plants to help them thrive. Thus, you should remove any fallen branches or matted down leaves. Perennials like ornamental grass should be cut back.