prepare for winter apply top dressing compost

Winter is approaching but the work in the garden must not stop. Now is the time to prepare the lawn for winter, fertilize, aerate and mow, for a perfect lawn in the spring, find where to buy top dressing for lawns and apply one to your lawn. The lawn does not need much care before the arrival of the cold season, however, there are some rules you should follow to ensure its optimal development:

  • aerate, fertilize and mow the lawn before the first frost
  • rake dead leaves to prevent mold and moss
  • remove any objects from the lawn and avoid trampling it during the cold season

During the winter the lawn must be kept free from garden furniture, logs and other objects. In order to have a perfect lawn in the spring, excessive traffic on the lawn must be avoided, as any pressure may cause the apparition of unaesthetic gaps.

Keep in mind!

Do not park the car on the almost frozen lawn, because you will destroy it irreparably and there will be weeds invading the affected area.

Autumn is also the right time to sow the lawn. Before sowing, apply a fertilizer to the entire surface, based on potassium and phosphorus, to strengthen the roots and make the grass more resistant to winter weather.