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You can turn gardening into a hobby for the rest of your lives, and there actually is no limit to the level of knowledge and skills you can attain in this field. Nevertheless, before you start your very first gardening bed, there are certain things you should take care of.

Most often than not, in order to establish a new garden, you need to remove old grass from a certain portion of your lawn. In this respect, there are specific organic methods which you can successfully employ in order to get rid of the upper layer of vegetation in order to make a new garden on that spot.

Another useful step to take is to lay down a great garden compost and some other organic materials such as newspapers, cardboards, etc in order to smother the plants growing there and enrich the soil at the same time. Because this process can take a long time, you should start it early, namely in the previous summer for the next spring, for instance.

There is yet another good way to remove grass: the so-called “solarization”. As the term suggests, this implies using the power of the sun. After that you need to enrich the soil with organic fertilizers, and then you can start growing your garden.