Top dressing lawn compost added benefits

With the help of some easy, efficient steps, you can make your lawn stronger and healthier than ever. For example, a good way to make your grass strong is to aerate your lawn. Because your lawn is the most circulated area in your yard, this means that the soil can get really compacted beneath your grass.

When your lawn’s soil becomes compacted, there can be problems related to air circulation, water drainage, and so on. The fact is even the act of mowing your lawn can lead to its becoming compacted. Aerating your lawn can be done either with a large machine, or with a hand tool. 

If you turn your sprinkler on for only a few minutes several times per week, you can make the grass develop its roots deep inside your soil. Using natural lawn fertilizers is another important way to make sure your grass gets strong and you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

Cutting your grass correctly and at the right size is another important detail to be taken into account while taking care of your lawn in general.

Another way to make your grass greener is by composting kitchen waste or adding a proven compost for lawn by Richlawn. This can also attract beneficial insects and balance the pH levels.