Every homeowner wants to have a beautiful yard, with a perfect lawn that increases the curb appeal of the entire property. However, in order to have a great-looking lawn, you need to know that you will have to allocate some of your time to its regular maintenance and find the best fertilizer for grass.

There are a few secrets you should know when you want to have a perfect lawn.

  • Late snowfall and heavy spring rains keep the soil cold and too moist, which may prevent the growth of a rich and healthy lawn.
  • Early installed high temperatures inhibit the germination and growth of the lawn, which is why it is not recommended to plant it in late spring.
  • The Autumn lawn is less invaded by weeds than the spring lawn.
  • Make sure that the weather forecast is not bad in the first two to three days after sowing the lawn.
  • Avoid using too much seed; otherwise, the blades of grass will end up suffocating after germination.
  • At the same time, avoid using too few seeds, as you will not get a consistent grass layer, and weeds will appear.
  • The correct dosage of lawn seeds ranges from 3 to 5 kilograms per 100 sq.m. It is necessary to always read the instructions given by the manufacturer when planting your lawn.

These are just a few recommendations and ideas. Take them into account, if you want a beautiful lawn!