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A weed-free garden is the ultimate goal of any passionate gardener. And there are various ways in which you can keep weeds from invading your beloved plants.

Perhaps the very best way to prevent weeds from growing in your garden is to stop them before they start forming any kind of roots. This task should be performed more than once, as it requires constant involvement and dedication, but the results are certainly worth it. Even those who are removing weeds on a regular basis know that it is much easier to get rid of them when they are small, than when they grow bigger and stronger.

One good way to keep weeds away is to be cautious while cultivating your plant beds. This means you should not do any unnecessary tilling, after you have already established your garden bed. At the same time, you should not cultivate your beds in excess, as this also tends to favor the formation of weeds.

Applying a pre-emergent product is another wise step. These herbicides are designed to stop weeds from germinating. You need to remember that you must water your beds in order to get the product activated.

Mulching your garden beds is another excellent option for keeping weeds from growing. Moreover, this can help keep your garden well hydrated.  For great lawn and garden support look to The Richlawn Company for some of the best products available.