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In case you own a garden, you certainly want to keep it moist even in the hottest days of summer. There are several tips you can apply and thus make sure your garden stays hydrated and productive all throughout the summer.

Mulching is a very efficient way to keep your garden protected from the drenching powers of the hot sun. This can be done by covering your garden’s soil with a thick layer of hay, bark, shredded cardboard or paper, leaves or other types of organic matter. This will help keep soil’s temperature at moderate levels, while also preventing evaporation and water runoff.

Another important thing to do is water at a deep level. Apparently, it is more efficient to water your garden less often, yet more deeply, than to water it at a more shallow level, yet on a frequent basis. This makes your plants’ roots grow healthier and stronger, which means you can water them less frequently.

An automatic timer and drip irrigation can also do the trick. It is best to water your garden slowly, because thus water can permeate to the roots much easier.

Another great idea is to enrich your soil with materials which absorb water, such as using the best compost for garden, peat moss or coconut coir.