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A physical barrier can be one of the most effective way to keep pets out of your garden. You can use a fence to enclose the entire garden, or just put a fence around specific plants that you want to protect. Transparent materials are available to enclose the garden and make it off-limits while also ensuring that the flowers can remain visible and continue to receive adequate sunlight.


If you don’t want to put up a fence, you can use netting to protect your plants. This can also be extremely useful for protecting vegetables and fruit trees from birds.


Some plants have natural deterrents that can help keep pets away. For example, you can plant herbs such as rosemary, basil, and peppermint around the perimeter of your garden to deter pets and pests alike. If you prefer not to use other plants, commercial repellents are available that can help keep pets away from your garden. These can be sprayed on plants or applied to the ground around your plants.


Finally, it’s always a good idea to train your pets to stay out of the garden. You can do this by consistently using positive reinforcement when they stay out of the garden and safe negative reinforcement, such as withdrawing treats or exclaiming a firm “NO!” as soon as they enter the garden.  It is recommended that you use the best compost for garden as it will help your plants and the roots of your plants to be protected as well.