There are four things that lawns need for thriving and for maintaining their lush green color: water, sunshine, mowing and nourishment. While you cannot do too much about the number of sunny hours in your area, here are some tips about the other three factors that will influence the quality of your turf:

  • Watering – whatever your climate zone, the best time of the day to water is early in the morning, when the air is not too hot, the sun is not too harsh and the grass leaves and roots have plenty of time to use the water until the evening comes with moisture-laden air;
  • Mowing – regularly mowing your grass is as important as regularly watering it. You should find the ideal height, usually between 2 ½ inches and 3 inches, to prevent premature drying as well as excessive dampness;
  • Nourishment – the best way to feed your grass fertilizer naturally is to apply some sort of organic fertilizer. The best choice is certainly compost, applied abundantly once in spring, before the grass revives after the winter and once again in fall, around the time when the grass goes dormant. Organic fertilizers are the best because they are not too harsh, so they don’t pose the risk of fertilizer burns and they do not add any artificial chemicals to your soil.