How To Fertilize Your Lawn Time Of Year When

Irrigating your lawn is part of its routine maintenance. And it can be particularly challenging to properly irrigate your lawn during the hot summer days. Nevertheless, there still are good ways to do it.

First of all, it is essential to know the exact time of the day when it is best to water it. In this respect, the earliest time of the day certainly is the most recommended moment to irrigate your lawn. The thing is if you water your lawn in the late afternoon or even in the evening, there will not be enough time for the grass to dry up before night comes, and this can be very harmful for the good health of the plants.

Another major detail is the amount of water you actually use. Thus, you should not consider how much water your lawn needs every day, but rather how much water it needs every week. You should definitely water your lawn deeply a few times per week, instead of every day.

And when temperatures are particularly high, you should water your lawn with a bigger amount of water. For example, instead of twenty minutes a few times per week, you should water it for thirty minutes.  Get more tips on when to when to fertilize lawn in Denver and more.