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With the arrival of spring, we take a deep breath and start synchronizing ourselves with the nature that is coming back to life. It is the perfect time to take care of your lawn, to make sure it will be healthy and green when you start to actually use it.

Fertilization is one of the essential steps that must be taken when it comes to lawn care. Regularly mowing the grass contributes to the growth of strong and resilient roots, but has the disadvantage of reducing – by cutting the grass blades – the amount of nutrients needed for proper development, so you will need to fertilize the soil regularly.

The fertilizers you can use are of two types, organic or chemical. Chemical fertilizers are the fastest option, but they are also harmful to the environment, so specialists are increasingly recommending the use of organic fertilizers.

The main nutrients that your lawn needs to grow are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Choose a fertilizer such as that provides these elements and comes from organic sources, which means that it does not affect the soil. Also, make sure that the long-lasting effect supports the creation of a thick, green lawn, limits weed growth, does not burn the plants, or harm pets playing in the grass.