buy top dressing for lawn

If you want your lawn to grow tall, healthy and green, proper lawn care is required from the very first time you start planting it. Here are some of the main tips you should consider in this regard:


  • Start planting in early springtime. This is the ripe time for grass to be planted, if you want it to grow green and healthy.
  • Make sure you research the right type of green grass that you should plant in your area. Not all grass grows the same in all types of soil. So, be mindful to avoid species of grass that are less likely to grow healthy where you live.
  • Make sure you know when to water and mow your lawn. Failing to do so at the right time can lead to your grass getting too large and not being able to cope with stressors in the environment. As a result, parts will die out and you’ll have to resort to sod or replanting.
  • Research the right type of lawn fertilizer and find where to buy top dressing for lawns and never use harsh chemical formulas when your lawn is still within its first few weeks of its growth stage. Even if crabgrass starts growing in this period, it’s still best to avoid anything except for starter fertilizer, otherwise the grass will be damaged.
  • Keep your pets off the lawn. Dogs have a bad habit of marking their territory on your green lawn, which can lead to brown patches and disease affecting your lawn and ultimately requiring you to replant.