EKO Compost Richlawn Soil CompostIf you need to plant grass or plants in Colorado, it’s a good idea to start by learning a little about the soil and what types of plants it supports. Most of the soil in Colorado has a pretty high content of clay, which is great on the one hand, because it retains more water – something that’s essential due to the dry climate and the fact that much of the water that plants receive will evaporate before it reaches their roots.


Clay-like soil isn’t the best for all plants, of course, so you have to make sure you not only learn about which plants to avoid, but also what type of fertilizer to use. It’s very important to add a great compost soil to your ground to increase the beauty and growth of any garden.


The first thing you need to know is that fertilizer should be organic. Colorado gardeners can’t stress this fact enough, since plants and grasses already have to deal with a lot of problematic stressors, and the chemicals in non-organic fertilizer will place even more pressure on them.


Slow-release fertilizer is also a good idea, but it’s important to make sure that the decomposition process will also be fast enough to work properly during a drought. To know exactly which type of fertilizer will be good for your garden, make sure you document the types of grass and herbs that you’ve planted and consult a local gardening expert with experience, who will guide you to buy the right brand.