fall winter grass fertilizerThe brown spots that have appeared on your lawn can be caused by many things, the most common reasons being animal urine that burns the grass, a fungal infestation or an accidental chemical spill. Whatever the reason, the method that you use for restoring the beauty of your lawn is the same – here are the steps:

  • Remove the affected grass – poke some holes into the affected area to find out whether the roots are still healthy. If they are, remove only the dries leaves, but if you find dead roots, too, remove the plants completely, the roots included;
  • Clean the soil if necessary – if the browning is caused by some sort of acid or other chemical, remove the affected layer of soil, replacing it with clean, fertile soil or neutralize the spill with an adequate substance;
  • Overseed – sprinkle the affected area with new seeds, then use your rake to drive the seeds into the soil a bit and water the area generously;
  • Protect the area from birds – birds just love grass seeds, so try to cover the freshly sprinkled area to keep unwanted visitors away from your new seeds;
  • Keep watering for a couple of weeks – water frequently and apply a natural grass fertilizer until you see the first new leaves appear; that will take about two weeks.