Gro Rich Garden Fertilizer NaturalYou always want your garden to look healthy and fresh. That means you have to fertilize it properly. But you also have Fido that won’t keep his nose out of it. To have both a beautiful-looking garden and a happy puppy, you should consider using organic fertilizers. An organic natural fertilizer is easily absorbed by the soil and the plants and don’t harm your pet if they get too close. Artificial fertilizers can injure your dog if they inhale or ingest it. You won’t have to worry about your dog being harmed with organic fertilizer.

For instance, you can use seaweed as a fertilizer. You can find it relatively easy, and using it isn’t complicated to use at all. Before spreading it around, all you have to do is ground it up, or you can even find it pre-ground for you. Also, you might find it as a spray-on solution, which makes your job even easier.  

Compost is another great idea. The trick with this one is it will take some time to adequately provide enough nitrogen to the soil. But the best part about compost is it is free if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and making it yourself.