Richlawn Best Lawn FertilizerWhy should you fertilize the lawn? Healthy grass grows over the course of a year so strong that it results in 3 to 6 kg of cut grass per square meter. While growing, the lawn extracts its nutrients from the soil and thus erodes it. As a consequence, you will witness the appearance of grass-free areas, while moss and weeds will spread. This can happen even more so in Colorado’s dry weather, so you need to take into account certain things to ensure proper fertilization and enjoy a beautiful lawn.

Fertilizers are not accessible to plants in dry soils. That is why it is very important to water the soil before applying the best lawn fertilizer, allowing the water to soften the earth. Fertilizers should be distributed as evenly as possible, and this operation should be followed by a new irrigation session, since the nutrients can reach the roots of the plants only if they get dissolved in water.

In the first year after sowing or laying the lawn, it is recommended to use a larger amount of organic fertilizers with a higher concentration of nitrogen. Once the lawn begins to mature, you can use an organic fertilizer that has in its composition an approximately equal percentage of nutrients.