EKO Potting Mix Organic Soil

Herbs add savory to many dishes or can be used to make tea. Usually, you can find them dried and packed in stores. But wouldn’t you like to grow your own and enjoy them at the peak of their fragrance?


Here are just a few simple tips to care for an herb garden:


  1. Find a Place with Plenty of Sunlight

Herbs love the sunlight because most of their body consists of green leaves. If you do not have such a spot in your yard, don’t worry. Herbs can grow in pots and planters. Just find a room with a lot of light and place the planters filled with organic potting soil on the sill.


  1. Give Your Herbs Lots of Water

Constant watering will ensure that your herbs thrive and are ready to harvest when you need them for cooking. At the same time, watering ensures that the herbs continue to regenerate after you cut off parts of them to use in your cooking.


  1. Add a Spot of Fertilizer

Although herbs are usually hardy and unpretentious plants in terms of soil quality, a little liquid fertilizer now and then can’t hurt. If you use the herbs for cooking, look for organic fertilizers.


  1. Divide the Herbs

Once every 2 years you should divide herbs by splitting them in two vertically, down to the roots and planting them in different places. This will ensure that the plants stay healthy. Soon enough, you will have enough herbs to gifts to your friends to start their own gardens.