Compost Soil ComposterThe most effective way to build your own compost is to collect all the material in a basket or wooden crate that does not have a bottom but only a lid. Place the box somewhere hidden from view, but not too close to the house (compost smells!), on a portion of soil without grass or other plants. Aerate the soil a bit using a digging tool, to allow earthworms and microorganisms from the soil to enter the compost and start the decomposition process.

You can use old barrels or any container you have; alternatively, you can DIY one. You can also make compost directly on the ground by arranging a compost ramp somewhere, on the edge of the garden, in a safe place and where rain water is not pooling.

Building your own composter to create compost soil is not at all difficult and only requires general skills and tools. You can make it from materials that you have around the house (e.g. left over lumber, old pallets, cinder blocks etc.) or from recycled containers. Did you ever think, for example, that you can make compost in an old five gallon bucket or in a large cardboard box? You can make your own compost in just about any container as long as you ensure that the material to be decomposed remains in direct contact with the soil.