Best Compost Richlawn

A composter or compost bin can be built on the cheap and you don’t really have to work too hard to do it. All you need is a somewhat large plastic container or a plant pot and some knowledge on how brown and green compost materials work. Punch some holes and add some water, and you’re all set.


Of course, you do need some knowledge of how to get it done properly. First of all, take your container and use a sharp knife or a drill to punch holes in it at a distance of a couple of inches from each other. The holes should be all over the side of the container. Next, you can start adding brown compost.


Begin with twigs and dry leaves, then add manure and finally add two cups of water to help the organic material in the brown compost decompose faster and more efficiently. Next, you can add green organic compost, such as bits of fruit, lawn clippings and other fresh organic material that will decompose more quickly.


Make sure to avoid adding any type of meat or fecal matter coming from animals that eat meat. Also stay away from bread and dairy. The rule of thumb to follow is that you should only stick to plant based materials and manure coming from herbivores, as those materials are most beneficial for helping you to achieve the best compost rather than hindering it.