Richlawn compost garden bed hosta plants

Composting is extremely useful both for the plants in your garden, and for the environment. Therefore, many gardeners have started to pile up vegetable peels and thus form this amazing natural fertilizer. Compost is easy to make and unbelievably versatile.

Using compost has many advantages. For instance, it can improve soil’s ability to retain moisture. The compost enriched soil can hold water for longer periods of time, which certainly is great for your garden. The structure of your garden’s soil can also get improved. Compost brings more organic matter into your soil, which means that you can thus create more air pockets, thus allowing nutrients and water to travel freely and reach all plants.

The amount of nutrients in your garden is also greatly increased. Potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc, iron and calcium get to reach higher levels. The well-balanced soil pH is another benefit brought by using homemade compost.

Compost can be used as mulch. At the same time, you can brew some compost tea that your garden would certainly enjoy. Homemade compost can help feed spring bulbs or fall perennial plants. You can spread your compost on new lawns, add it to fruit trees or use to grow tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers or melons.  For professional results look for