Fertilizer Lawn Care Mistakes To AvoidLawn care practically consists of seeding, watering, mowing, fertilizing and cleaning, each of the tasks being fairly simple, but also a little bit tricky. Here are some tips about how to do them right:

  • Seeding – the most common mistakes with this task are seeding with varieties that are not right for the specific regional conditions and overwatering the freshly sprinkled seeds. Do some research before you buy your seeds and be very gentle with the watering to prevent washing them away;
  • Watering – underwatering, overwatering and watering in the afternoon or in the evening are the most common watering mistakes to avoid. Water your lawn every 3-5 days, depending on the weather, and always early in the morning, to give the lawn time to use up the water before the evening dew;
  • Mowing – never leave the grass longer than 3 inches and always mow with sharp blades that leave behind a clean cutting surface;
  • Cleaning – leaving thatch on the lawn is a mistake that threatens the life of the lawn by suffocating it and depriving it of nutrients as well as of water;
  • Fertilizing – using fertilizers that are too harsh can burn your grass, so the best type of nourishment to give your grass is compost that cannot be overdosed. Another grave mistake is to skip aeration before composting – a compacted soil cannot absorb nutrients, so failing to loosen it will make your fertilization efforts futile.  A slow release fertilizer will help you maintain your grass with little to no effort.