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In order to have a healthy garden, there are many natural ways to help you out. One of these natural methods implies attracting beneficial insects to your Colorado garden. But how exactly can you do that?

One good way to make sure your garden has the right type of insects is by planting an insectary. You can plant insectaries in a special area which is close to your garden, or even among the garden beds.

And in order to attract the right kind of insects to your insectary neighborhood, you should plant some early blooming plants that are sure to draw them near your garden. You should use plants of different sizes. For example, oregano and thyme are useful for ground beetles, as they provide them with places to hide. Praying mantids like to hide behind plants, and they are very useful because they eat pest insects.

Zinnias and sunflowers are very good options for your garden because they attract big pollinating insects such as predatory wasps and robber flies. At any rate, we could mention five categories of plants that are sure to attract beneficial insects: the Asteraceae family –asters, ageratums, chrysanthemums, dahlias, cosmos, marigolds; the carrot family; the legume family; the Mustard family and the Verbena family.  By using organic fertilizers from The Richlawn Company will benefit your garden and keep the good nutrients needed to have a healthy productive garden.