When To Fertilize Aerate Lawn Colorado Weather Cold

Even as winter approaches, lawn maintenance should continue. Now is the time to prepare it for the cold season in order to have perfect grass in the spring.  Find out when to aerate and when to fertilize lawn in Colorado.

The lawn does not need extensive care before the cold hits, but there are a few operations that if performed correctly, ensure optimal plant development. Aeration is one of them.

Aeration is an important process by which the roots of the lawn are aerated. During the summer, the lawn is subjected to intense pressure and action that can cause soil compaction. In this case the roots of the grass no longer receive the necessary amount of air, water and nutrients to grow properly. Aeration can be performed in two ways:

  • Traditionally, using a fork – this is a good option if the lawn area is not large. The fork must be inserted into the soil at a depth of 0.5-2 cm to create air ducts that allow the roots to breathe properly.
  • Using a lawn aerator- this makes the work easier and reduces the time spent in the garden. It will cut the soil surface for better irrigation and absorption of nutrients by the root system. With the help of a lawn aerator, the moss and tall weeds are also removed.